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How Passive Houses Perform Through The Seasons

Passive Homes: A Trend Or A Lifestyle?

How Will A Passive Home Define You?

Building a custom home is like a high-stakes choose-your-own-adventure novel. At every step, you are presented with options, choices, ideas, concepts, budgets, and decisions that affect the outcome of what you want to get done. And every choice matters. The wrong choices lead to more time, more money, and not getting what you want. The right decisions lead to a clear process that is focused and delivers the expected result. We want you to finish this story with a smile.

When you have decided you want to build better than conventional, those decisions become even more impactful. In a Passive House, the energy modelling is done right from the beginning. So knowing how you are using your space, what you need in it, and how to source and manage your energy is essential.

The most important choice, the decision that will determine the ease, cost, and experience of this build-your-home adventure, is the Passive House Designer. Your certified Passive House Designer or Consultant has the tools and knowledge to take care of every detail. The experts manage your project properly - from concept to keys.

For us, this is always the most important step. We always begin with the Passive House Designer because the conversations and decisions that you make at this stage affect every single aspect of the build.

Image showing the exterior of a passive house

You can customize your Passive Home from the interior and exterior, to sustainable technology, and more!

Kim Walton, President of Passive Buildings Canada, says when choosing a builder the first step is to find the right skill-set for your project.

For a custom home design and build, the Passive House Designer will have:

  • Experience in building a Passive House project.
  • Experience in custom residential design.
  • A deep understanding of the interconnection of the home’s components.
  • Ability to work with suppliers and contractors.
  • Experience with custom details.
  • An understanding of what materials are available locally.
  • An understanding of the value of domestic vs imported materials.
  • Sensitivity to low carbon options.
  • Proven ability working with planning departments.

Ability to follow through with:

  • On-the-spot details that work when supplies or conditions do not allow for the original specifications.
  • Contract management / contract intent.

We can connect you with the team that will deliver what you need, and help you make the right decision, every time.

Taigh is your first choice and your first step on a new adventure. 

Choose Taigh. Build better. Contact us today to start your Passive House adventure.